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JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)-With this one, the pictures are compressed quickly and may result in a loss of quality and detail, also stores as many images on the memory card as possible. PNG (Portable Network Graphics)-Compressed on a lossless format and useful on the internet and allows for partial or total transparency. TIFF (TaggedRead More »

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Automatic Mode: This mode tells a lot about the selection of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focus and balance. Can be used in many setting conditions but it will assume how you want to take a good picture, so you need to manipulate that better. Portrait Mode: This mode in your camera will automatically select aRead More »

Read and Write: Lenses

┬áDigital Single Lens Reflex offers a lot of lenses for the cameras, from fish eye to telephoto. There are lenses’ like zoom, telephoto, primes and macro as well as tilt-shift lens. ┬áDepending on what you are shooting depends what best lens you would need. Less expensive lenses usually have variable apertures while more expensive lensRead More »